Daniel Smith : Blue Bassoon

Recorded in NYC with an all-star band, BLUE BASSOON was released world-wide in January 2010.

Along with Martin Bejerano on piano, Edward Perez on bass, and Ludwig Afonso on drums, the album also features Bob Dylan's guitarist Larry Campbell as special guest artist on two early-blues selections (*).

Album contents indicated below:


1. The Jody Grind (Horace Silver)
2. The Double Up
(Lee Morgan)
3. Sack O' Woe
(Julian 'Cannonball' Adderley)
4. Things Ain't What They Used to Be
(Mercer Ellington)
5. My Baby's Gone
(B B King) *
6. Billie's Bounce
(Charlie Parker)
7. Nostalgia in Times Square
(Charles Mingus)
8. Equinox
(John Coltrane)
9. Scotch and Water
(Joe Zawinul)
10. From Four Till Late
(Robert Johnson) *
11. Break Out The Blues
(George Shearing)
12. Footprints
(Wayne Shorter)
13. Solid
(Sonny Rollins)

* Special Guest Artist: Larry Campbell (Gtr)

Hear samples from 'Blue Bassoon':

Note: These music clips are edited versions of the actual tracks.

Daniel Smith - Recording Blue Bassoon


Reviews of Blue Bassoon:

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"One of the most interesting jazz albums I have heard, (with) several choices that will make it to my ‘must-listen’ list. ."

— J.W. McClure, Victory Music (USA)

"This recording knows how to speak the language of jazz . . . ."


"Este virtuoso hace un empleo muy forzado del instrumento con convincentes resultados."

— A. Gómez Aparicio, Cuadernos de Jazz

"Smith swings hard, phrases smartly and displays a sonorous style that ramps up his accomplishments in jazz."

— Nancy Ann Lee, Jazz & Blues Report

"Daniel Smith has herein taken the bassoon to the next level."

— Michael McDowell, Blitz Magazine

"Daniel Smith brings bassoon firmly into the jazz world with memorable results."

— Doug Simpson, Audiophile Audition

"… you should really tune into what Daniel Smith … has been doing lately."

— Paul Blair, Hothouse magazine

"If the bassoon gains a place among major solo vehicles in jazz, it will do so thanks to Smith!."

Downbeat Magazine

"This album may be a curiosity in modern jazz, but Daniel Smith is a real jazzman… it's a pleasure to listen to. "

Serge Warin, Radio Canal Bleu, France

"Smith is clearly a gifted player…"

— Brian McCoy, Oakland Jazz Music Examiner

"'The anticipation in the jazz community will be gathering momentum prior to this landmark release".

— Mike Ricci

"Inspired by Coltrane, Braxton, Coleman Hawkins."

— Claudio Sessa, Corriere Della Sera

"Things ain’t what they used to be! Just love this album, this just has to chart high, just unbelievable."

— Tony Soley, Apple AM Radio

"…hearing the instrument in a way unheard of before."

— John Book, This Is Book's Music

"Smith’s a solid improviser… he pulls it off with jazz chops intact."

— JSOJazzScene

"…a hoot and a half. It's a treat!"

— Greg Applegate, Gapplegate Music Review

"…one can certainly admire Smith's ability to coax jazz out of this ugly duckling of an instrument."

— Brad Walseth,

"…an interesting spin on this familiar material."

— Timothy G. Niland, Amazon Review

"Daniel Smith leads his jazz band with a bassoon. that's right, you mook, a bassoon. the band nails its flights of fancy and worry with a powerful attention to earthy modernism."

— John Shelton Ivany

"… a new look and sound that is both refreshing and inviting."

"Daniel Smith is above all a versatile pioneer…"

— Andrea Canter,

"A really fun and solid straight ahead set that delivers nothing but a good time".

— Chris Spector, Midwest Record

"one of the hottest 2010 jazz CD's…a listening experience you'll never forget!"

— Dick Metcalf, (aka Rotcod Zzaj)

"The bounce and gripping tone he executes across this full-range of blues is what makes the album truly special."

— Matt Marshall, Jazz Inside™ NY

"Smith's dexterity coaxes its phrasing to move with the agility of the trumpet… Blue Bassoon does right by blues."

— By Susan Frances, JazzTimes Online

"… showcases the instrument in an impressive 13-track collection of blues numbers."

— Donna Kimura,

"… tone is most impressive…"

— Britt Robson,

"…Smith shines in his interpretations."

— Ken Dryden, Allmusic

"definitely … worth listening to again and again."

— Vittorio Loconte,

"Daniel Smith' s technique is marvellous"

— Paul Clatworthy, Journal Into Melody, March 2009

"Get ready for something different… it is cooking!".

— D. Oscar Groomes,

"I never heard anyone play jazz on a bassoon this way!"

— Arnaldo, Jornal O Globo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"… a fabulous CD arrives… Blue Bassoon will knock you out."

— Marc Myers,

"Blue Bassoon is a bold, spectacular disc, already one of the best of 2009!"

— Michael J. West, Jazz Times/All About Jazz/Village Voice

"Jazz's premiere bassoonist…"

— Andrea Canter,

"... outstanding… commands your attention… draws you in with it's husky charm."

— Edward Blanco, ejazz radio

CD of the Day - "best jazz performance ever by a bassoon player...the Charlie Parker of the bassoon."

Arnaldo DeSouteiro, Jazz Station


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