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Recognition for
 . . .

Daniel Smith's new CD,
Smokin' Hot Bassoon Blues, is showcased on the Jazz Clubs Worldwide website.

The management of StadiumRed Studios were impressed! Click here to read their very flattering article.

Daniel Smith is listed in the International 'Who's Who'.

Cadence magazine will be showcasing Daniel Smith's career in music in an interview along with a review of 'Smokin' Hot Bassoon Blues'.

Hawaii Public Radio will feature music from 'Smokin' Hot Bassoon Blues' along with commentary from Daniel Smith on their 'Evening Jazz' show.

QUOTES from worldwide reviews of
Smokin' Hot Bassoon Blues

'Blitzing through passages akin to Charlie Parker on sax'

— Oscar Groomes
, O's Place Jazz Magazine

'A pioneer in jazz taking the bassoon where no artist has dared to go.'
— Andrea Canter
, Jazz Police

'A must for any jazz lover who can appreciate something out of the ordinary.'
— Chris Spector
, Editor, Midwest Record

'I defy anyone to listen to this new album and not get caught up in the positive energy it exudes so abundantly.'
— Stephen W. Smoliar
, Examiner

'An amazing album.. Words cannot describe what he simply have to hear it!'
— Leonid Auskern
, Jazzquad (Russia)

'A showcase of exquisite blues played with verve and fire'
— Robert Ratajczak
, Musik & Medien (Poland)

'The celebrated bassoonist proves just as at home fronting a jazz lineup as a chamber orchestra.'
— Duane Verh
, Roots Music Report

'Daniel Smith adds his deft touch on his latest project.'
— Oscar Brooks
, LA Examiner

'Acknowledged as one of greatest players of his instrument in his time...and he really is!'
— Mark S. Tucker
, Acoustic Music

'Genius bassoon player. Reminds me of tenor sax players.'
— Drew Engman
, All About Jazz

'Smokin' Hot Bassoon Blues' is more than hot, it's scorching!'
— Jim Eigo
, Jazz Promo Services

'May he be a big influence on the next generation of bassoon players!'
— delarue
, New York Music Daily

Airplay in Europe

  • Smokin' Hot Bassoon Blues' will be featured for a period of three weeks on Radio 6, Netherlands Public Radio.
  • In Poland on Radio Aktywne.
  • Further airplay is being arranged in Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Hungary and more countries.


Daniel Smith will be hosting his own table at this major jazz convention in 2014. Stop by to say hello if you plan to attend the events:

Smokin' Hot Bassoon Blues

Released by Summit Records in February.

You can download and listen to three sample tracks — Hummin' / Better Get Hit In Your Soul / Senor Blues — as indicated below.

Daniel Smith Bassoon
Robert Bosscher Piano
Michael O'Brien Bass
Vincent Ector Drums

Ron Jackson Guitar
Efrat Shapira Violin
Neil Clarke Latin Percussion
Greg 'Organ Monk' Lewis Jazz Organ
Frank Senior Blues Vocalist

REPERTOIRE (click to listen)
Night Train Jimmy Forrest
Hummin' Nat Adderley
Better Get Hit In Your Soul Charles Mingus
Back at the Chicken Shack Jimmy Smith
What'd I Say Ray Charles
Blue Seven Sonny Rollins
Senor Blues Horace Silver
Hallelujah I Love Her So Ray Charles
C Jam Blues Duke Ellington
Eddie's Blues Phil Woods
Moanin' Bobby Timmons
Mamacita Joe Henderson

Artists at work . . .

Recording session - part 1

Recording session - part 2

British Music Yearbook 2014.

British Yearbook

As part of Daniel Smith's expanding career and in anticipation of the 2014 release of ' Smokin' Hot Bassoon Blues' and 'Brazilian Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra', here is our new half page ad to appear in the BRITISH MUSIC YEARBOOK 2014.

Background Music to NY Photography Exhibit.

This is a photography exhibition at a NY gallery showcasing the work of two legendary photographers — Paul Caponigro and Martin H. Bernstein. Daniel Smith's version of Horace Silver's 'Peace' is heard throughout the video, creating a wonderful mixture of beautiful music and great photography.

 Click here to see the video. 

Appearance at the Brooklyn VA hospital — May 29.

Daniel Smith's Bassoon and Beyond jazz quartet performed at the 'Cancer Survivor's Day'.

  • Daniel Smith on bassoon
  • Ron Jackson on guitar
  • Norbert Marius on bass
  • Hiroyuki Matsuura on drums

Two new videos of a special performance at the Kitano in New York.


Daniel Smith's Bassoon and Beyond performance at the Kitano (April 24, 2023) was captured on two videos.

The evening was a joyous occasion celebrating the life of Daniel's wife Judith with outstanding performances from his quartet and special guests Ron Jackson on guitar and Neil Clarke on percussion. Included in the videos are commentary about Daniel's pioneering role in jazz.

The Kitano, on Park Avenue in Manhattan, is rated as one of the top 100 jazz clubs in the world. Now located within the Kitano Hotel, the setting for hearing great jazz is simply stunning.

 Click here to see the videos. 

Performance at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Feb. 19, 2013

 “Renowned bassoon virtuoso Daniel Smith, with his acclaimed jazz quartet 'Bassoon and Beyond', filled our concert hall with memorable jazz riches. His performance showcased to Jefferson students and faculty the way a bassoon can be invoked to create a new sound in the jazz world.”

Mark Tykocinski, Dean

Daniel Smith Returns

After a serious illness in his family, Daniel Smith has returned to the performing stage.

Beginning with a highly successful concert in February at the Jefferson Medical School in Philadelphia with his 'Bassoon and Beyond' jazz quartet, he next performs at the Kitano in NY on April 24th. The lineup includes Robert Bosscher on piano, Michael O'Brien on bass, Vincent Ector on drums and special guest Ron Jackson on guitar.

A new DVD is available upon request.

This is a one hour live-performance video showcasing jazz concerts in Europe and the USA.


  • If you are a music industry professional we would love to send you a complimentary copy. Just drop us an E-mail with your address to [email protected].
  • Other interested fans can obtain a copy for $20. Send us an E-mail request and we’ll provide an address to send your check.

New article on Daniel Smith's career from Cadence magazine.

40,000 VIEWERS!

We've past a milestone -- 40,000 viewers have now visited this website. We continue to add new features and items of interest to encourage you to return often.

  • We've added several new Videos and a comprehensive index for more convenient navigation.
  • Universal Music, the world’s largest musical organization, has re-released 10 award winning classical and crossover albums of Daniel Smith on iTunes in more than 55 countries.
  • We've prepared an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) that can be downloaded here. It summarizes awards, articles, discography, reviews, etc.
  • Cadence magazine is preparing two extended interviews with Daniel Smith on his life and career. These will appear in print and in audio in the October and December editions of this prestigious music publication.
  • The Brazilian Jazz Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra, a three movement concerto by famed Brazilian composer Joao MacDowell, will be premiered in the near future. Dedicated to Daniel Smith, the piece will include elements from Brazilian, classical, jazz and pop music along with improvisation. Look for further news of this exciting project and sample downloads on this website.
  • Details of Daniel Smith’s next jazz album will be announced on this site.

Daniel Smith bassoon
Winner 33rd Annual Jazz Station Poll
Miscellaneous Instruments


Sonny Rollins, James Carter, Mark Murphy, Ron Carter, Daniel Smith, Lalo Schifrin, Johnny Mandel, Russ Kassoff, Marcus Miller, Delfeayo Marsalis, Bill Carrothers, Phil Woods, Pat Metheny and Jane Ira Bloom are among the top jazz artists of the year.

Daniel Smith cited in:
 . . . recently voted winner of the 33rd Annual Jazz Station Poll in the category of Miscellaneous Instruments in Jazz.

Cadence magazine will be featuring Daniel in an interview on his career as the only bassoon soloist in both jazz and classical music. The interview will appear in audio on the Internet as well as in print.

‘Brazilian Jazz Concerto for Bassoon and Chamber Orchestra’, being composed and dedicated to Daniel Smith by Brazilian-American composer Joao MacDowell, is moving forward. Excerpts from this three movement concerto can be heard soon on this website.

DOWNBEAT and JJA nominations

Downbeat Magazine selected Daniel Smith in 2010 as 'Rising Star' in their Jazz Critics Poll.

The Jazz Journalists Association nominated Daniel Smith as finalist for a second time in 2010 (also in 2008) for their 'Player of the Year' award in the category of 'Instruments Rare in Jazz'.



Musical America

'Bassoon Goes Latin Jazz!' hit the Jazz World Music charts immediately upon release and went on to over 15 weeks in or near the top ten". . .

After his many classical and crossover albums, including the award winning complete 37 Vivaldi bassoon concertos, solo bassoonist Daniel Smith now has four recent jazz albums to his credit. These innovative and ground breaking albums in the jazz field, 'Bebop Bassoon' (Zah Zah/ 2007), 'The Swingin' Bassoon' (Zah Zah/ 2008) 'Blue Bassoon' (Summit/ 2010) and his most recent 'Bassoon Goes Latin Jazz!' (Summit/ 2010) have met with great critical acclaim in the USA and Europe.

'Bassoon Goes Latin Jazz!' hit the Jazz World Music charts immediately upon release and went on to over 15 weeks in or near the top ten. In 2010, Downbeat magazine chose Daniel Smith as a 'Rising Star' in jazz while the Jazz Journalists Association nominated him as finalist for their 'Player of the Year award' in the category of 'Instruments Rare in Jazz!'

Plans are underway for a further jazz album release in 2013 with his quartet 'Bassoon and Beyond' along with special guest artists, this to be announced shortly.

Alongside work of Willie Nelson, Wynton Marsalis & Norah Jones, Bassoon Goes Latin Jazz! has been cited on the prestigous:

Ed Love's Highly Recommended CDs for 2011

"The world may not be ready for the bassoon to serve as a lead instrument in Jazz, but Smith makes the case that it can be more than mere novelty."

Editorial Reviews - JazzTimes

Latin Jazz Network . . . . includes Bassoon Goes Latin Jazz! on their playlist.

"For an instrument more associated with Tchaikovsky than jazz, Smith has certainly carved a niche."

Kylie O'Brien - Jazz Society of Oregon

Bassoon Goes Latin Jazz! is getting airplay throughout the USA. Here is a random sample:
Station FM Program Area
KBEM  88.5 Jazz88 FM            Minneapolis Public Schools
KCRW  89.9 On Air Track List    Santa Monica College, LA
KNTU  88.1 North Texas Jukebox University of North Texas
KSDS  88.3 Playlist Archive    San Diego City College
WAER  88.3 Afternoon Jazz Central NY
WBGU  88.1 Somethings Coming   Bowling Green, Ohio
WCMU  NPR Take 5        Central Michigan, USA
WDIY  88.1 Valley Public Radio   Lehigh Valley, PA
WEMU  89.1 Evelynn Hawkins Ypsilanti, Michigan
WICR  88.7 Top 30 of the week  University of Indianapolis

Daniel Smith's jazz albums are now heard world-wide on:
Voice of America Voice of America radio is distributed to more than 1,200 affiliate radio stations and cable networks worldwide.

European Broadcasting Union The European Broadcasting Union is the largest association of national broadcasters in the world.

Euroradio Euroradio is a member of European Broadcasting Union.

Daniel Smith was recently featured on

The Jazz Network

Blue Bassoon was reviewed by the prestigious

. . . and just in from Victory Music (USA):

Victory Music

December 2011

'One of the most interesting jazz albums I have heard, (with) several choices that will make it to my ‘must-listen’ list'
If Coltrane had played a bassoon instead of a saxophone this is probably what he would sound like. To be honest, if you aren’t ready for it, the bassoon sounds like a saxophone played through the wall, somewhat like a trained goose. It’s a funky sound to which you quickly adjust. Daniel Smith can be as wild as Coltrane, playing off the melody and playing ‘blue’. By that I mean that there are flatted notes against a wonderful rhythmic background of bass and drums. Other instruments that establish a more classical tone are the piano and guitar. The list of songs is like a who’s who of writers including Charlie Parker, Coltrane, Robert Johnson, Sonny Rollins, Charles Mingus and so forth. ‘Things Ain’t What They Used to Be’ written by Mercer Ellington, is a favorite. However, there are several choices here that will make it to my ‘must-listen’ list, like ‘Scotch and Water.’ The piano is exceptional on that one and keyboard’s definitive notes are a sharp contrast to the looser scale of Daniel Smith. This is one of the most interesting jazz albums I have heard. The whole thing (bass, drums, piano) establishes a groove and every now and then the bassoon flies through. It somehow works and is fun. Here’s a list of the other musicians: Keyboards by Martin Bejerano; Bass by Edward Perez; Drums by Ludwig Afonso; and guitar by Larry Campbell. Larry plays some nice slide guitar on the ‘My Baby’s Gone,’ (which by the way will also have you wondering about the source of Presley’s ‘Hound Dog’).

— J.W. McClure  


Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011
Manhattan, New York
Daniel Smith Bassoon
Daniel Kelly Piano
Gaku Takanashi Bass
Vincent Ector Drums
Ron Jackson Guitar
Special guest:
Sol Yaged Clarinet

Friday, Nov. 18, 2011
The Brooklyn Conservatory
Concert Hall
Brooklyn, New York
Daniel Smith Bassoon
Daniel Kelly Piano
Gaku Takanashi Bass
Vincent Ector Drums
Ron Jackson Guitar
Special guest:
Sol Yaged Clarinet
Sol Yaged
Legendary clarinetist Sol Yaged will showcase, alongside Daniel Smith, the music of Benny Goodman at the New York performances — a great opportunity to hear a living legend in a live performance!


Daniel and Ron Jackson  Jackson, Yaged & Daniel


The musicians performing atTwins Jazz Club.
For their opening set on Saturday night, the band received a standing ovation.
Daniel Smith Bassoon
Ward Beach Piano
Eric Harper Bass
Dominic Smith Drums

Weekend in Jazz — 9.23-9.25: Saluting Coltrane; national stars perform; and the jazz bassoon arrives.

John Coltrane would have turned 85 today (Friday), and the Nation House is honoring him with an evening of music and poetry. Courtesy

 by Giovanni Russonello Editor-in-chief
 . . . . . For those more interested in the music’s historical side, there is an Afrocentric tribute to John Coltrane on Friday at Nation House, as well as a performance by cool jazz giant Lee Konitz at the Atlas Performing Arts Center that night. And the novelty of the weekend goes to Twins Jazz, where bassoonist Daniel Smith does his best on Friday and Saturday to bring the traditionally classical instrument into the jazz world. You can find details on all of these performances in this week’s edition of “Weekend in Jazz,” our listing of every D.C. jazz show on our radar. Our favorites have a cb pick label, and as always, you can read CapitalBop’s full listings directly at our D.C. jazz calendar, if you’d rather. Happy hunting!

Don’t just go hear Daniel Smith for the quality of his improvising, or for the top-notch cast of local musicians he’s assembled, with Wade Beach on piano, Eric Harper on bass and Dominic Smith on drums. Go hear him for the pure novelty of what he does - and the persistence with which he does it. Smith, originally an accomplished classical bassoonist, has four jazz albums out to date, each with a title that indicates his mission to prove the bassoon can be a viable jazz axe. The latest, “Bassoon Goes Latin Jazz,” is a rhythmically compelling burner featuring an expert combo.


"Daniel Smith's sold out performance at The Kitano Hotel Jazz Room was a memorable event."

Without doubt, Daniel Smith is the world's pre-eminent jazz bassoonist. His playing is swinging, cool and funky. As a complete master of his instrument, he has definitely made his mark in the jazz world.
Gino Moratti, Artistic Director Kitano Hotel Jazz Room

Daniel Smith at the Kitano with legendary clarinetist Sol Yaged

NYC Jazz Record Magazine chose The Kitano as one of the
'Best Jazz Clubs of the Year'

The Kitano is also considered internationally as
'One of the Top 100 Jazz Clubs in the World'

 Bassoon Goes Latin Jazz

Daniel Smith Bassoon Goes Latin-Jazz (Summit) Street Date: March 8, 2011.
Daniel Smith (Bassoon), Daniel Kelly-Piano, Michael O'Brien-Bass,
Vincent Ector-Drums, Neil Clarke-Latin Percussion.
Special Guests-Roswell Rudd-Trombone, Sandro Albert-Guitar.

Daniel Smith's newest album, 'Bassoon Goes Latin-Jazz!' was released on the Summit label in March of 2011. 

Following on 'Blue Bassoon' (released in 2010) which highlighted the blues, this new album features a wide variety of Latin-Jazz pieces. Along with special guest artist Roswell Rudd on trombone, Sandro Albert on guitar, and with additional Latin percussion provided by Neil Clarke, the quartet of bassoonist Smith with Daniel Kelly on piano, Michael O'Brien on bass, and Vincent Ector on drums provides the setting for some unexpected and attention getting arrangements of great music showcasing the bassoon in a Latin-Jazz setting. 

With his earlier jazz albums covering such as bebop, swing, standards, ballads and blues, it became apparent that Latin-Jazz would be the next logical step in expanding the role of the bassoon in jazz. As with these earlier releases, many pieces were tried out to see which would work well on the bassoon in the Latin idiom.

The final result is a wonderful mixture of 12 Latin and jazz selections, ranging from 'The Chicken' to 'Watermelon Man', 'Manteca', 'Yardbird Suite', 'Mr. Kenyatta', 'Black Orpheus', 'Listen Here', 'Peace', 'So Danco Samba', 'Come Candela', 'Korg In', and on to Leonard Bernstein's 'Mambo from the Dance at the Gym' featured in 'West Side Story'.


Enjoy this video of Daniel and the band recording selections from the album at Skyline Studios in New York City.

Jazz Ed


  • FONO FORUM (Germany) September, 2011 — full page interview with Daniel Smith.

  • JAZZ MEDIA AND MORE (Germany) September, 2011 — article on Daniel Smith plus review.


Airlines which have featured the recordings of Daniel Smith for in-flight listening:

New Zealand
United Arab Emirates
Sri Lankan
Air France
South African
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