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Tips on How to Write a First-Class Law Paper

Academic writing is tough, but legal writing is a whole different matter. If academic writing is difficult, legal writing is exasperating because it requires certain difficult requirements to be fulfilled. For example, law research papers have peculiar referencing styles that add to their complexity.

Law papers are not only about sending a message; they require you to dig deep and uncover mysteries within the law. However, you can master the art of legal writing, and that’s what we’re here to show you. Below we have given detailed steps on how to write a law paper worthy of distinction.

The Standard Law Paper Format

Law papers follow a typical format, much like every other paper writing. They include:

  • The acknowledgment, declaring that your paper is original and plagiarism-free.
  • The table of contents, containing a list of the law paper sections with their pages.
  • Research questions or hypothesis statements; they are different in that research questions are questions you will put forth and explore in your research. Meanwhile, a hypothesis is a presupposition or premise forming the basis of your paper.
  • The Chapters, including the abstract, introduction, body, and conclusion. The abstract is a short but detailed summary of the paper; it comes at the beginning of the paper.

Professional Guide on How to Write a Law Research Paper Successfully

Below are the steps involved in law research paper writing:

  • Choose a topic: This is the first and most important aspect of writing a research paper. It requires much brainstorming and a lot of research. You may filter tens of topics before you finally decide on one. 
  • Research: Read wide about your chosen topic; you can read web pages, journals, articles, books, and any research material you can get your hands on.
  • Outline and plan: You may want to prepare a flowchart to make things easier and ensure you don’t overlook vital information in your paper. Print out your findings, read through them, and sift through the information. You want to remove the irrelevant, note the important info, and also highlight key points.
  • Draft: Write your first draft; don’t worry about the arrangement for now. You want to write in your own words and avoid plagiarism. In addition, don’t forget to cite your quotes in the approved format.
  • Write the final draft: This is the paper you’re submitting. You’ll read through the rough draft, polish it, and make it publishable. Read it aloud or have someone else read it and ask questions on the paper.

If you’d rather have someone, write your law paper for you, you can hire any credible online law research paper writing service to help you out.

Tips for Choosing Law Topics for Research Paper

If you’re having difficulties finding inspiration for a good law research topic, below are some tips to guide you.

  • Choose a specific law area you know very well, one you’re most familiar with. If the area has sub-areas, list them out and go for the one you’re most knowledgeable about.
  • Have more than one topic ready in case you encounter setbacks in one topic. We recommend having at least three topics on hand.
  • Be specific when you’re choosing a law research topic. For instance, if you’re choosing Digital Law, the area is too broad. You will need to identify a more specific element to be the focus of your investigation, like internet pedophilia crimes.

Meanwhile, we’ve included some law research paper topics that you can adopt for your paper.

Business Law Paper Topics

  1. Different ways to identify Bankruptcy fraud
  2. What does collective bargaining entail?
  3. What is the age discrimination act?
  4. Proven ways to avoid sexual harassment lawsuits within a company
  5. How to get rid of corruption in business law

Business Law Research Paper Topics

  1. The different ways Piracy affects a business’s profitability
  2. Law Contracts: Investigating their role in business transactions
  3. How important is commercial law?
  4. How legislature impacts the interpretation of contracts
  5. The structure of transactions under business law

Criminal Law Topics for Research Paper

  1. Cultural criminology
  2. Feminist criminology
  3. Content and citation analysis
  4. Investigating capital punishment
  5. The criminal justice system

Cybercrime Law Research Paper

  1. Analyzing cyber law and ethics
  2. Investigating cyber autonomy and automation
  3. Roles American laws play in protecting corporations from cybercrime
  4. The necessity of cyber security
  5. Cybercrime in a named developing country

In conclusion, you need good writing skills and the ability to pay attention to details if you’re going to write a first-class law paper. This is especially important for people working with regulations and laws. Legal writing is a critical skill every lawyer and other law professional must possess to thrive in the legal world.

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